Burlington Coat Factory Raises $3 million for the LLS


For the 12th straight year, Burlington Coat Factory has raised a significant amount of money to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).

One of the perennial big fundraisers for the LLS, this past year Burlington carried out its annual fundraiser over a 17-week campaign that ran from July through October. The company joined LLS in its Light The Night campaign to raise funds to help find cures and ensure access to treatments for patients with blood cancer by encouraging customers to make a donation at checkout.

The 2013 campaign raised more than $3 million, bringing the total raised by the company over the many years of its partnership with the LLS to more than $19 million.

Burlington has a long history of partnering with LLS

"A strong commitment to community has long been a part of our heritage," said Tom Kingsbury, president and CEO of Burlington. "Our long-standing partnership with LLS and its Light The Night campaign continues to allow us to help those affected by cancer in a meaningful way by engaging our associates and customers. We look forward to growing this important partnership in 2014 and to supporting LLS to achieve [its] ultimate goal of a world without blood cancers."

Burlington not only encourages customers to make a donation at checkout, but its 28,000 employees also take part in Light The Night walks all over the United States as a means of helping to raise money for LLS.

"As our #1 National Corporate Partner for Light The Night, Burlington is playing a role in helping us to change the cancer landscape," said John Walter, LLS president and CEO. "Burlington and the Light The Night campaign have helped LLS invest almost $1 billion in our mission to cure blood cancers and ensure access to treatments."

Source: LLS

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