Adcetris approved by the FDA


Adcetris, formerly known as SGN-35 and one of the more anticipated anti-cancer drugs in recent memory, has received accelerated market approval from the FDA.

Adcetris has been approved for two indications: for patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma who have already received an autologous stem cell transplantation (or for patients who have endured at least two chemotherapy regimens and are not transplant candidates), and for patients with anaplastic large T-cell lymphoma (ALCL) who failed induction therapy. It is the first treatment approved for Hodgkin's since 1977 and the first-ever treatment approved for ALCL.

Developed by Seattle Genetics, Adcetris is a first-in-class therapy known as an antibody drug conjugate; it uses a monoclonal antibody to seek out cells expressing CD30 on their surfaces and delivers an cytotoxic payload, killing the cell.


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