Women Named Beacon of Hope for Fight against Cancer


"Denise Maguire has been designated an official “Beacon of Hope” – for her extraordinary fight against the cancer that has invaded almost EVERY part of her body.

The former barrister and university lecturer from Parkgate received a Special Commendation from the Lymphoma Association for inspiring scores of other 
cancer patients, while suffering so much herself.

Denise, 48, was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma in January last year.

She told the Times: “I had tumours in all my glands – my neck, my groin, my lungs, my abdomen and bone marrow were all affected.

“I was generally tired and aware of one or two lumps and bumps – but I had had cancer for years without realising it.

“Operating was never an option and lymphoma is incurable, but chemotherapy has helped and when I got one set of results my oncologist at Sheffield’s 
Weston Park Hospital literally cartwheeled down the ward.”"

Read More: http://www.southyorkshiretimes.co.uk/news/local/dearne-area/denise_named...

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