Great Children's Book about Canine Cancer


The president of an animal shelter writes about her dog in hopes to help children:

"The head of KCMO animal shelter Wayside Waifs hopes the story of her Golden Retriever's victory over cancer helps children who have cancer themselves.

Cynthia Smith's new children's book, Dogs Get Cancer Too, tells of her dog Wishbone's battle with lymphoma, which began after a swollen lymph node was discovered in his neck during a bath.

"Week after week for five months, Wishbone spent the day at the hospital, and just like a human cancer patient, he waited patiently while his IV drip drained into his body," Smith said. "He displayed all the side effects you would expect: loss of appetite and energy--and yes, he lost some hair."

Smith got good news in December 2008 when Wishbone's veterinarian said the dog was free of cancer. Wishbone lived on until the beginning of this year, when time finally caught up with him, and he died at the old age of 13."

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