Epizyme and LLS reach milestone in fight against mixed lineage leukemia

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Today the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and biotech Epizyme announced that the two have achieved a pre-clinical milestone in their partnership to develop Epizyme's DOT1L-targeted histone methyltransferase inhibitor (HMTi) for the treatment of mixed lineage leukemia (MLL).

MLL is an acute leukemia that hits people of all ages.

With partial funding from the LLS, Epizyme is working on developing the DOT1L program through Phase 1. According to the partnership agreement, LLS has paid $2.6 million of a potential $7.5 million to fund this program.

Said Richard Winneker, Senior Vice President, Research at LLS, "[We are] committed to finding cures for all blood cancers, including acute leukemias of this type, and Epizyme continues to make rapid progress in developing a DOT1L HMTi as a personalized therapeutic for patients with MLL."

Source: MarketWatch

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