Dogs Medical Study can Help Humans


A walk to remember dogs lost to lymphoma, also celebrates the medical advances in dogs that is being translated to help humans:

"You may not realize it, but a cure for cancer could be as close as the dog dish on your back porch. Doctors treating cancer in animals are making some major breakthroughs that could help humans, too. This weekend, dog owners are celebrating those breakthroughs and raising awareness about canine cancer with the first-ever "Puppy Up" walk in Auburn and Seattle.

The idea began as one man's journey to mourn the loss of his dog to cancer in Texas. But now, it's turned in nationwide effort to raise awareness about how man's best friend may help cure some of our worst diseases.

Beanie is a lively, cute dog who loves his dog treats. But he also has lymphoma. His owner, Brian Marier, never questioned the idea of treating his pet's cancer. Marier says, "There's good days and there's bad days. The information is all there. It's not necessarily what you want to hear. I think it's the not knowing is the scary part."

Dr. Chelsea Tripp, a veterinary oncologist from the Animal Medical Center of Seattle says Beanie's lymphoma is in remission. She says that's a good sign for Beanie's health and for ours too. Dr. Tripp says, "What we find out in our animal species really does help further human medicine, and especially in the cancerous world.""

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