Tamoxifen Used to Treat Breast Cancer?


According to a new study, the drug Tamoxifen can be given to women who are at risk for breast cancer to reduce cancer deaths and save money.

As per the results of a new mathematical model, the Tamoxifen drug can prevent 29 breast cancer cases and nine breast cancer deaths in every 100 women that get treated by it. Aside from those staggering figures, the most impressive thing about this drug is its low cost. For every 1,000 women that were treated, Tamoxifen would save $47,580, according to researchers.

The downside to the drug, though, is the very serious side-effects that may accompany usage. It increases the odds of getting a stroke, endometrial cancer, onset of menopause and/or hot flashes in post-menopausal women.

Despite the possible ramifications, the FDA has approved this drug. As such, it will soon be available to the general public when treatment for cancer is necessary.

"There's a group of women who potentially could benefit from taking Tamoxifen," said study researcher Dr. Peter Alperin, of Archimedes Inc. in San Francisco, a company that creates computer models to answer questions related to health care. "These women should definitely talk with their physicians to understand what it means for them."

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