Researcher calls for guidelines for cancer survivorship care

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A presentation at the NCCN 17th Annual Conference: Clinical Practice Guidelines & Quality Cancer Care argues for the creation of evidence-based guidelines and national standards for cancer survivorship care, an area of the cancer spectrum that does not get the attention many feel that it deserves.

The presentation was made by Crystal S. Denlinger, M.D., a medical oncologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center and a leading advocate in the push to establish standards at Fox Chase.

Said Denlinger, "Some people are considered cured after treatment and others will continue to live with their cancer. Just because you're living with cancer doesn't mean you're not a survivor. We need to address the unique needs of both populations."

The goal of such guidelines would be to guide cancer survivors and their doctors through what are referred to as the four seasons of survival:

- Acute survivorship
- Transitional survivorship
- Extended survivorship
- Permanent survivorship

She added that guidelines should also include delineating a path from diagnosis to remission and beyond.

Source: NCCN

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