Quantum dots may hold the key to faster, more accurate diagnoses


A new staining method that uses tunable fluorescent nanoparticles known as quantum dots may offer hematopathologists a faster, more effective means of finding the Reed-Sternberg cells that signify Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Researchers at Georgia Tech and Emory University in Georgia believe that the method can not only detect cancerous Hodgkin's cells in a biopsy, but they also believe that the method has applications beyond HL to other rare types of cancer.

What this potentially means to future patients is faster, more accurate cancer diagnoses following biopsies.

Read more about this at Medical News Today.


The July 15 2010 issue of the journal Analytical Chemistry.

By Ross Bonander

J. Liu, S.K. Lau, V.A. Varma, B.A Kairdolf and S. Nie. "Multiplexed detection of characterization of rare tumor cells in Hodgkin's lymphoma with multicolor quantum dots." Anal. Chem. DOI: 10.1021/ac101065b (online before print) 2010

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