How To Prevent 340,000 Cancers Every Year


To mark World Cancer Day and the start of Cancer Prevention Month, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) launched a nationwide campaign and website today, offering the public evidence-based information and practical tools for lowering cancer risk.

AICR estimates that one-third of the most common cancers in the U.S. could be prevented if Americans moved more, weighed less and ate more healthfully.

That's about 340,000 cancers every year that never have to happen.

Add in not smoking and avoiding sun damage, and that figure climbs even higher; nearly half of U.S. cancers could be prevented by changing our everyday habits.

PSA video provides education on cancer risk and prevention

"We're excited to kick off Cancer Prevention Month with this empowering message," said AICR's Associate Director of Nutrition Programs Alice Bender. "AICR's new public service announcement and campaign gives you and your family tips for choosing healthy foods and activities to lower cancer risk."

AICR's new Cancer Prevention: Together We Can PSA [above] uses colorful, dynamic text-based animation to educate viewers about the links between everyday choices and cancer risk, and sends them to AICR's new "CAN PREVENT" website ( There, people can download a 30-day cancer Prevention Planner, filled with tips and activities that lower cancer risk, and discover a host of interactive content and reliable information.

The "CAN PREVENT" website and PSA is part of an AICR initiative to reach new audiences with the message that no one is powerless in the face of cancer.

During the month of February, AICR will highlight cancer-preventive steps people can take through Facebook, Twitter and other social media using the #prevent50 hashtag. On Instagram, users will be encouraged to share pictures and inspirational stories using the #pictureprevention hashtag.

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