The Lymphatic System Close-up

To the left is a closeup of an iliac lymph node. Lymph nodes are imbedded deeply in connective tissue so they are rarely seen. They are found in larger clusters in the axillary (arm pit area), inguinal (pubic/groin region), and cervical (neck) regions of the body.



To the right is an enlarged image of the pelvic region showing the lymph vessels, groin lymph nodes, and the spleen. The spleen destroys unneeded red blood cells and filters out cells that have been targeted for destruction by the other parts of the lymph system.




Living With Lymphoma by Elizabeth Adler, Ph.D., Oct. 2005

Chapter 9, The Immune System - extensive information on cell biology, the function of the lymph system, and its relationship with lymphoma. The most detailed information on what the cells actually do in the lymph note I have read.

The Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems by John Gold, May 2004

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