Site Awards

This site has been blessed with recognition on several occasions. Thanks to all who feature this site on theirs - sharing of information is the primary goal.

Excite Recommended Web Site for Lymphoma

Yahoo Cool Site for Lymphoma

CNN special cancer issue - focus on Lymphoma

Open Directory Cool Site for NHL 3/2001

The site was chosen a MedExplorer Top Rated site in August 1999. Thank you!

Sincere thanks to About.Com

Healthway Best of the Web

This was a Health A to Z 5 star site

We were chosen a Healthnet Canada 5 star site in June 1999

This site was the LA Times Pick of the Week for February 8, 1999

Also as seen in the Boston Globe Magazine April 25, 1999 and the New York Times July 9, 1998 - Thank You!

Lately the site has been listed in a number of books - I will try to list them as I run across the references:

Living with Lymphoma by Elizabeth Adler, 2005, page 13


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