A Cancer Story Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day


Cancer doesn't care who you are or what your dreams are. It is indiscriminate, striking good people and bad people, young and old.

While we are learning more and more about the broad spectrum of diseases that constitute the term "cancer," we still have a long way to go, and today's patients will get little out of laboratory advances; they need help now.

That help can come in several forms, one being hope and inspiration. So when a story comes along that delivers both of these in spades, it is imperative that we pass it along and make sure it reaches as many people who can use a brighter day as possible.

I occasionally do some hockey writing (samples published on this site include this article and this article) and one of my colleagues at thehockeywriters.com has written an inspirational true story about a remarkable teenager who, at 13 and diagnosed with bone cancer, made a decision none of us would ever want to make.

Despite all odds, four years later the kid is thriving.

Read his remarkable story here: Ty Ulmer: Making the Biggest Save of His Life, written by Shawn Reznik.

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