An Online Community to Help You Cope with Cancer


"Like if you want to find a cure for cancer, ignore if don’t care about cancer." How many times have you been on Facebook and seen a post similar to this on your news feed? Most people would agree that they do want a cure for cancer, but what difference will liking a post actually do for the cause?

The truth is that liking the post will make no difference. It's easy to see why some people might think this is a comforting post for someone battling cancer or who knows someone battling cancer, but it has no real value for them. Some people might even agree that this is a form of exploitation in order for a person or page to get more likes. For this reason, Facebook may not provide a good support system for a cancer patient.

Take Comfort in Speaking to Others

Whenever we are going through hardships, we take comfort in speaking to others who are in a similar situation. Getting advice from someone who is in the same boat as you can be one of the most helpful things to get you through a hardship. This can be especially true for cancer patients.

An online support group, like one of the 20 cancer-related groups on, provides a community where cancer patients can get their voices heard as well as give and receive support from others. It is a great resource for those looking for advice on certain treatments or even looking to read inspirational stories from others.

An online support group can provide you with a large community of people who are interested in giving you advice as well as receiving your advice. It’s a two-way street where you take in what you put out. The pleasure that comes from getting helpful advice can be just as gratifying as giving advice to someone in need. One of the best feelings in life comes from doing something good for someone else, even if that good deed is as simple as offering your words of encouragement.

Seek Support Online 24/7

An online support group provides not only an outlet to openly express your feelings and thoughts but also anonymity if you prefer to remain anonymous. It’s ideal for people who may not be comfortable with openly expressing themselves to others in person. As opposed to scheduled support group meetings, an online support group provides you with a 24-hour service where you are welcome to ask a question and express yourself whenever you choose. There’s no need to wait for the next support group meeting to get your question answered.

Online support groups provide free, open forums for anyone looking for help. These online communities are for sharing your story, finding strength and comfort, and inspiring others, where you are encouraged to believe that cancer can be beaten. Become a member of today!

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