Demand Registration and Publication of All Clinical Trials

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Interested in having a major impact on the health care of the future?

There's one simple thing you can do to that end: Sign the AllTrials petition.

The All Trials Registered | All Trials Reported petition doesn't seek to do much. It merely seeks to pressure governments, regulators and research bodies around the world to begin registering every clinical trial conducted and reporting on the results of those trials.

When the pharmaceutical industry funds a clinical trial, it has a remarkable record for churning out positive results: Around 85 percent of industry-funded clinical trials report positive findings. That's amazing, especially compared to the rate of positive government-funded clinical trials: around 50 percent.

Is the industry conducting better trials? Of course not. It just isn't making the results of the negative ones available to the research and medical communities.

Why This Matters

With thousands of clinical trial data never having been reported or in many cases even registered, it's hard to fathom all of the potential data that is lost. Useless to clinicians and future generations, and possibly resulting in bad treatment decisions made by your doctor for you--decisions he or she may not have made had they been aware of an existing clinical trial that indicated, for one reason or another, that the treatment wouldn't be right for you in the first place.

Transparency is a must. The industry shouldn't be allowed to bury the data they collect if the findings don't suit their cause, especially when, in many cases, they're using taxpayer dollars to conduct the trials.

This is an initiative of the following groups:

Dr. Ben Goldacre's Bad Science
Sense About Science
The James Lind Initiative
The Centre for Evidence-based Medicine

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