Amanda Bynes' Insensitive Cancer Tweet Enrages Followers


Actress Amanda Bynes has been acting very odd lately, but last night, many believe she crossed the line,

If you're not into Twitter, or if you're not among those watching actress Amanda Bynes publicly collapse under the weight of what appears to be some collection of mental disorders, you likely did not see Bynes' tweet after apparently shaving her head.

In a moment of astonishing insensitivity, she tweeted,
"Not having hair makes me feel like a cancer patient."

The backlash was as swift as it was predictable, with many thousands of her 2 million followers reacting angrily to the comment.

None of the reactions got as much attention as that of leukemia patient Erin Tarantino (in remission), who fired back at Bynes with a tweet and a picture that said what a lot of people were thinking – that this time, Bynes had gone too far.

Here's the original set of tweets:

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