Lymphoma Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are groups of people with similar interests. They e-mail messages to a central address and their message is retransmitted to the rest of the list members. This allows for conversations between list members.

Mailing lists are great for getting lots of information and asking questions of others. They also help you connect with others going through similar circumstances.

Watch out - a mailing list can generate many messages per day. To unsubscribe, use the directions sent to you in your first message (save that first message to make sure you know how to do this).

The following are main hubs for mailing lists. Each of these resources has access to several mailing lists that focus on specific topics. You may be able to find a mailing list for a specific type of lymphoma, chemotherapy symptoms, fertility, pain, or survivors. Take the time to search each of these lists to find the best fit for you and your needs.

Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)
These mailing lists generally have quality content and minimal spam.
Cancer Index
This hub has an extensive link list. You can find information on all types of lymphomas, as well as other cancers.
Yahoo lymphoma mailing lists
There are several Lymphoma maining lists / communities on the Yahoo system.

If you only have one e-mail account and want another for all the messages a mail list generates, you may want to sign up for a web based account. Several companies offer these for free. Gmail (Google), Yahoo, and Hotmail are all great options.

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