Lymphoma Organizations in the United States

Lymphoma has emerged as a cancer worthy of having respected organizations devoted to helping those affected and researching new treatments. You may want to contact the following groups in the US in your search for support of lymphoma:


  • The Lymphoma Research Foundation was formed in 2002 by the merger of the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America and the Cure for Lymphoma Foundation. This group has awarded millions of dollars in over a hundred lymphoma research grants. Not just devoted to research, they are there to help patients and happy to answer questions and help those looking for information. They also have a good patient support resource listing.
  • The Lymphoma Foundation promotes basic research and clinical studies with regard to the causes, treatment and cure of all patients with Hodgkin's disease and the non-Hodgkin's lymphomas as well as the allied disorders that plague the lymphoma patient in the form of leukemia, second primary cancers of the breast, colon, ovary, lung, neurofibroma and other malignant tumors and immunological syndromes such as multiple myeloma. The Lymphoma Foundation supports and informs practicing physicians, clinical investigators, basic research scientists and the general public in matters concerning all forms of cancer and promotes the education and application of the latest and most effective forms of medical science.
  • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (formerly The Leukemia Society) has my sincere thanks. Besides great information (free in the mail), you may be eligible a small reimbursement for medical expenses. They have good info on lymphoma in general.
  • The Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (formerly the Mycosis Fungoides Foundation) is dedicated to all forms of lymphoma of the skin.
  • The American Cancer Society has an informative site (not lymphoma specific). They have excellent materials available free by mail on lymphoma and cancer treatment.
  • The US National Cancer Institute has free literature by mail, on the web
  • The Neuropathy Association is dedicated to help those with peripheral neuropathy
  • Corporate Angel Network offers free air flights on corporate jets for cancer patients (5 day notice preferred).

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