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The unique feature of the ABonita Scarf is that you get 4 great looks with no tying needed: simply snap it on and tuck the excess fabric over or under the headband to get 4 different looks from one scarf! ABonita scarves come with an instruction hang tag that makes them easy to wear. Best of all, the headband has several snaps so it is one size fits all. Women, children and men can enjoy them. There are over 20 fun prints and solids in mostly cool comfortable 100% cotton; some come in rayon.

My Story

Five years ago I was diagnosed with lobular carcinoma. During chemotherapy I lost all my hair. Living in hot, humid Florida I found wigs uncomfortable. Always afraid scarves or hats would fly off while doing the activities I loved such as boating, biking, going to the beach, swimming, working out at the gym and riding in my convertible, I knew there had to be a solution.

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I always had a flair for fashion and designed a fashionable, functional head scarf; when I wore it people would stop and ask me where I got my beautiful scarf. I could wear it during all activities and not have to worry about it coming off. I even wore it swimming! I told myself that if I ever lived through my ordeal I needed to manufacture these scarves. Time went by and I put my dream aside.

Two years ago I had my "AH-HA!" moment and decided it was time to follow my dream. I went to a patent-trademark seminar in New York and filed my trademark and patent that same week. I started attending trade shows across the country so that others could enjoy the benefits of the ABonita Scarf. I designed my own online store www.abonitascarf.com because I, too, wanted people to be able to shop from the comfort of their own home. The ABonita Scarf is one-size-fits-all so there's no need to try it on before buying!

Each scarf is named after people in my life. I now have a line of matching swim suit sarongs and dresses to match. The ABonita Scarf is enjoyed by everyone and is sold at not only cancer boutiques but also high-end fashion boutiques, hat stores, wig stores, biker stores, resort boutiques, hair salons and more.

HAIR LOSS DUE TO CANCER/CHEMO, ALOPECIA, LUPUS AND AND OTHER HEALTH ISSUES is a stressful situation. By designing a fashionable, functional headscarf that is enjoyed by all, Bonita has helped those going through hair loss feel beautiful again.

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