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4Women.com is committed to helping women and girls cope with the emotional upheaval of hair loss in a dignified manner by providing them fashionable head scarves. We also advocate for a greater awareness of the emotional impacts of medical hair loss among medical professionals and the general public.

My Story

I lost my own hair to Alopecia Universalis 8 years ago. Following my hair loss, I quickly discovered that medical headwear and fashion were worlds apart. I set out to close that gap by designing a fashionable head scarf that does not broadcast, "I'm sick!" I designed a scarf called "The Beaubeau - Beautiful Scarves for Beautiful Heads" that unites fashion and function. My scarves are pre-designed and are available in four sizes. Each scarf is lined with an exquisitely soft cotton and comes with a matching scrunchie. The unique design allows you to wear the scarf in many different styles. The beaubeau scarf comes in many fabrics and a myriad of colors and designs. We offer beautiful and unusual silks, hand-printed rayons, workout fabrics, soft rayon jersey for cooler temps and even a cashmere blend for the ultimate in comfort.

Unique and Stylish

We focus on uniqueness over mass production. 4Women also offers the most comfortable and elegant sleep cap available, called the Lucy Sleep Cap. This soft cotton jersey cap is made without seams for maximum comfort while sleeping. We also offer a "transitional" scarf to take you from the "no hair days" through the "new growth days" in a stylish and fashionable manner.

The Beau Bag

To prepare you for your doctor's visit or treatment days, 4Women.com also offers a "one of a kind" tote bag, called "The BeauBag," a bag filled with all the items you'll need to make the most of your visit. The BeauBag is a microfiber tote equipped with a padfolio for note taking, Lucy Sleep Cap, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, thermal bag, motorized fan and a unique key chain made especially for 4women.com. To complement your beaubeau scarf, we offer a line of beautiful hand-crafted earrings made specifically for 4Women by a two-time cancer survivor.

We Understand Hair Loss

I receive letters from women all across the world thanking me for my creation and the joy it has brought them. Knowing that I have helped make the journey easier for them motivates me to do all I can to foster a greater understanding of the emotional side of hair loss. My motto to my women is: "Just because you have lost your hair does not mean you have lost your style."

Susan M. Beausang,

President, 4Women.com, Inc.


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