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We specialize in a unique form of cancer… yours.

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You may have cancer; but cancer does not have you.

US Oncology is the largest community-based network of doctors and practices in the country focused on cancer treatment and research. Each year, over 1,300 physicians touch the lives of more than 850,000 cancer patients in more than 500 locations and over 80 integrated cancer centers throughout the United States.

Our pioneering, integrated approach to cancer care means that each patient’s cancer-care team — medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and surgeon — collaborates to ensure delivery of the highest quality and most advanced care to patients in the communities where they live.

Patients respond best to treatment when they receive integrated care close to home, relying on the support of family and friends and keeping their daily routines throughout the treatment process.

Providing Resources for World-Class Care

To ensure that your care is world-class, we are involved in nearly every aspect of cancer care. When a doctor in your community is part of our network, he or she has access to all the resources of a major cancer institution, including:

Physician Collaboration

When oncologists collaborate to fight cancer, patients benefit. We provide a web-based system — The Oncology Portal — to network physicians and allow them to tap into the collective knowledge of their colleagues. This portal helps physicians confer with doctors and other cancer-care experts on challenging and rare patient cases, sharing best practices for patient care, and learning about the newest treatments. This kind of collaboration — all across America — means a second opinion is virtually built-in for each patient.

Proven Treatment Plans

Our network physicians have created national disease committees to review the latest scientific discoveries and research to develop evidence-based treatment guidelines for use in treating patients nationwide. These proven treatment plans mean that our affiliated physicians have scientifically verified guidelines for the most effective treatments for specific diseases.

Access to Clinical Trials

Research into new treatments improves cancer care for all patients. With more than 200 active clinical trials on going at any time, our network physicians can participate in ground-breaking clinical research in the communities where they practice. Through our research, we’ve helped over 42,900 patients access clinical trials and have contributed to the development of 39 cancer-fighting drugs approved by the FDA. Find out what research can mean to you.

Cancer Drug Management

US Oncology maintains a state-of-the-art drug distribution system focused specifically on meeting the needs of medical oncology. We’re committed to maintaining the safety and authenticity of the cancer drugs we provide. Our doctors also have the option to recommend that their patients use OncologyRx Care Advantage™ to get their oral cancer-fighting medications. Care Advantage is a national specialty pharmacy focused on providing cancer medications and helping patients understand how to take them.

Keeping Care Close to Home

We are committed to giving patients access to the highest quality, advanced care close to home. Our more than 500 network-practice locations and over 80 comprehensive cancer centers nationwide mean you can stay near your friends and family and keep your daily routine throughout your treatment process.

Having cancer can turn your world upside down. You shouldn’t have to leave your world behind just to receive high quality care.

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