Books on Cancer Nutrition and Diet

Eating right is important when you have cancer. You may have dietary restrictions depending on your treatment or find out that your sense of taste does not work right immediately after treatment. The books below may help with ideas for meals.

One Bite at a Time by Rebecca Katz, Marsha Tomassi, and Mat Edelson - Tantalizing recipes that should appeal to just about anybody. Plenty of useful information and interesting anecdotes. The book nurtures both patient and caregiver (and anyone else within range of the kitchen). You'll love how this book understands and expands on food as a form of comfort and nutrition.

Betty Crocker's Living with Cancer Cookbook: Easy Recipes and Tips through Treatment and Beyond by Kris Ghosh, Linda Carlson, and Elyse Cohen. Betty Crocker, two oncologists, and a nutritionist bring back the joy of eating topeople undergoing cancer treatment with delicious recipes that are nutritious and easy to make. A thoughtful, practical gift for patients and families coping with cancer, the book includes:

• 130 recipes, from breakfasts and snacks to dinners and desserts, like Extra-Easy Baked Ziti, Fettuccine with Asparagus and Mushrooms and Country Blueberry Cobbler

• Advice from cancer patients, from coping with the emotional roller coaster to making recipes more appealing

• Recipes tagged to show which are helpful for the most common side effects of cancer treatment, plus special diet menus to help with them

• "Q and A" between Dr. Ghosh and cancer patients about how to handle the effects of cancer treatment

• An easy 7-day menu plan based on eating small meals six times a day -- just right for patients in treatment

• Cancer resource guide, nutrition and medical glossary

The Cancer Lifeline Cookbook: Good Nutrition, Recipes, and Resources to Optimize the Lives of People Living with Cancer by Kimberly Mathai and Ginny Smith. Practical strategies for making healthy eating a daily practice and suggestions for reducing the side effects of treatment. It features 100 easy-to-make recipes from the nation's top chefs and from cancer patients and survivors, including Blueberry Breakfast Cake, Honey-Glazed Green Beans with Almonds, and Citrus Chicken. These resources and more make this book a natural choice for cancer survivors, people living with cancer, caregivers, and those interested in a health-conscious diet.

The Cancer Survival Cookbook : 200 Quick & Easy Recipes with Helpful Eating Hints by Donna Weihofen This book has very helpful information for cancer patients going through both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The recipes are excellent and easy. You'll like the fact that nutritional information is given and and that hints are given on how to increase the calorie intake when needed.

What to Eat if You Have Cancer by Daniella Chace, Maureen Keane, and John Lung - Improved dietary habits can support cancer treatment programs; yet too few cancer guides provide much information on just what kind of diet should be followed. Enter this title, written by two licensed nutritionists and focusing on foods which reduce toxicity from chemotherapy and increase the body's recovery process. From supplement "dos and don'ts" to insights on natural foods, this covers many topics.

The What to Eat if You Have Cancer Cookbook by Daniella Chace and Maureen Keane - The authors intend this cookbook as a companion to What to Eat If You Have Cancer. Aimed at the 2.5 million Americans who undergo cancer treatment each year, the meatless recipes stress healthy and enjoyable eating while addressing malnutrition and other side effects of conventional cancer therapies. Thus there are such chapters as "Meals in a Glass" for those suffering from loss of appetite or sore mouths or throats, or the individual chapters on cruciferous vegetables and soy foods, both of which contain numerous documented anticancer compounds. Chapter introductions and sidebars discuss the cancer-fighting and other health benefits of particular foods and nutrients, give preparation tips, and describe less-common ingredients. Special food needs for underweight are given detailed consideration, such as recipe options of adding more oil or comparisons of protein powders and other supplements. A list of suppliers and a glossary complete this welcome collection.

Challenge Cancer and Win! Step-By-Step Nutrition Action Plans for Your Specific Cancer by Kim Dalzell, Peter Bumpus (Editor), and illustrated by Steve Ferchaud - "Challenge Cancer and Win" is an invaluable book for anyone going through cancer treatment. The book is loaded with information about what foods do, how vitamins and supplements work, sample diets, and nutrition plans for specific cancers. A diagnosis of cancer leaves one feeling "out of control", but this book, written in a clear, easy to understand way can help to regain some control both during and after our treatment period. You'll really appreciate the positive, well-balanced approach the author uses which allows the reader to choose "good", "better", or "best" as the steps to take while making practical nutritional and lifestyle changes. There are hints and recommendations for healthier eating, advice on handling side effects of treatment, details about the foods which support and build the body during chemotherapy, helpful charts and even recipes.


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