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Cancer can be hardest on children, whether they are the patient or the child of a patient. Here are some books that may help. If you are under 18 please talk to your parents about ordering books.

Child Patients

What Is Cancer Anyway?: Explaining Cancer to Children of All Ages by Karen L. Carney, 1998. This book provides basic information that is essential when someone in the family has cancer and does so in a calm, clear, reassuring manner that children and adults will appreciate. Available in paperback from Amazon.

Living With Childhood Cancer : A Practical Guide to Help Families Cope by Leigh A. Woznick and Carol D. Goodheart, 2002. In this down-to-earth guidebook, a mother-daughter team draws on their own family’s experience with cancer as well as their professional expertise and stories from others to help families address the psychological impact of cancer. The result is a book filled with sound emotional guidance, useful information, and practical advice for families coping with cancer. Available in hardcover from Amazon.

You and Your Cancer: A Child's Guide by Lynda Cranston, 2001. This children's reader covers the different kinds of cancer, hospital stays, tests, treatment, feelings, school, getting help, and recovery. Landscape format with color illustrations. Available from Amazon in paperback

For Children of Patients

When a Parent Has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your Children by Wendy S. Harpham, MD. 1997, HarperCollins. As a parent who had one young child and another born during cancer treatment I can really appreciate the advice given in this book. Wendy has treated the subject of cancer and parenting in a informed, knowledgeable, and caring way. Also included is the booklet Becky and the Worry Cup specifically for the children. With lovely illustrations, this small book will help children understand their parent's condition and includes coping skills. Amazon has the beautiful 2 book set.

Our Mom Has Cancer by Adrienne and Abigail Ackermann, 2001. Two sisters, ages eleven and thirteen, describe what it was like for them when their mother was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. Available in hardcover.

Paper Chain by Claire Blake, Eliza Blanchard, and Kathy Parkinson, 1998. PreSchool to Grade 2. This book explains to young children what happens when a woman is treated for cancer. It is a story about Marcus and Ben, whose mother undergoes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Simple explanations of these procedures are given in a matter-of-fact but gentle and positive tone. Paperback.

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