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When a medical team talks about lymphoma treatment, it can be a large amount of information in a short period of time. There are books on the market that go into the details of these treatments and help you ask the medical team intelligent questions.

General Treatment

Living With Lymphoma by Elizabeth M. Adler, 2005

When neurobiologist Elizabeth M. Adler was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, she learned everything she could about the disease, both to cope with the emotional stress and to make sure she made the best possible decisions for her treatment. In Living with Lymphoma , she combines her knowledge of lymphoma, scientific and personal, with the desire to help other patients come to grips with lymphoma.

Adler thoroughly explains the disease, describing the many different kinds of Hodgkin's and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, the range of symptoms, and various treatment options available. Adler explains basic cell biology and how the immune system functions. Readers will gain background to understand and evaluate medical literature, and to ask their physicians questions specific to their own needs.

Non-Hodgkin's Lymphomas - Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options by Lorraine Johnson, O'Reilly 1999

The first book written with the patient and loved one in mind. The book is thorough in helping with the details from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. Special chapters are devoted to topics glossed over by some other books.

Radiation Therapy

Making the Radiation Therapy Decision by David Brenner et. al 1997 - The latest facts on cancer treatments, radiation versus other therapies, and radiation therapy side effects are included in a guide. It covers different types of radiation therapies and their physical and psychological effects.

Coping With Radiation Therapy: A Ray of Hope by Virginia McCullough and Daniel Cukier, 1996. A guide to coping with radiation therapy discusses the side effects including fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, and hair loss and offers practical advice on how to overcome them.


Making the Chemotherapy Decision by David Drum & Michael Van-Scoy Mosher 1998 - Every year, more than 200,000 people benefit from chemotherapy. This book shows how. Drum takes a holistic approach to recovery for cancer patients who are determined to fight and who view cancer, not chemotherapy, as the enemy. Available at a discount in Paperback and Hardback

Coping With Prednisone and Other Cortisone-Related Medicines: It May Work Miracles, but How Do You Handle the Side Effects? by Eugenia Zukerman and Julie Ingelfinger, MD 1997, St. Martins Press. A good book on the personal experience of dealing with prednisone. The very affordable paperback and hardback are available from Amazon.

Both Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy

Chemotherapy and Radiation For Dummies by Alan P. Lyss, Humberto Fagundes, and Patricia Corrigan, April 2005. A more modern guide to helping people understand and cope with both chemotherapy and radiation. The "Dummy" series actually is quite good and this book has the information one needs to get through treatment. Paperback

The Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Survival Guide by Judith McKay and Nancee Hirano, 1998. Written by two nurses who understand the questions patients have before and during chemotherapy or radiation therapy, this book is easy to read but doesn't skimp on technical details when necessary. Amazon has the book for a good price in Paperback

Effects from Treatment

Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy by John Senneff, 1999. The first and best authoritative book on helping people deal with peripheral neuropathy. Available in paperback at a discount and in hardback

Hodgkin's Disease: The Consequences of Survival by Mortimer J. Lacher, John R. Redman - still the only dedicated book on late effects from Hodgkin's treatment. Out of print but Amazon can try to find a copy for you.

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