Teen who went to court on Hodgkin's treatment doing ok

Three months after settling a highly publicized fight with Virginia officials over whether he could refuse conventional medical treatment, Starchild Abraham Cherrix appears to be making major progress.

"I feel amazing. I'm just a ball of fire now," Cherrix said en route to their home on Virginia's Eastern Shore. They had spent the past six weeks in Mississippi, where Cherrix was treated by a new oncologist for Hodgkin's disease.

More in this article in the Washington Post today.

Comment: cases like these point to the fact that all patients are entitled to and should seek a second or third opinion on their diagnosis and treatment if they so desire. For many lymphomas, there are multiple conventional treatments available but some doctors may be hesitent to use a non-current protocol because it is older or very new. Radiation alone can work on some lymphomas but may be discounted because of long-term side effects, etc.

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