New Trial Recruiting for Skin T-Cell Lymphomas

There is a clinical trial now recruiting for treatment of T-cell lymphoma of the skin (Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma or CTCL, including Mycosis Fungoides & Sezary Syndrome) in stages 2 through 4a or stage 1b that has relapsed.

Depsipeptide is a new type of drug that disrupts the ways DNA binds in cancer cells, disrupting cancer cell growth. This compound has been studied for quite awhile by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and it shows excellent reactivity against a number of cancers especially lymphomas.

The trials are at a number of trial sites in the US and Europe. For the list of institutions and criteria see the study on ClinicalTrials.Gov The trial is not randomized so all who are accepted will get the drug and not a placebo.

This looks very promising in an area where there is no prime treatment to date.

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