Cancer after Lymphoma - take past results with open eyes and a sun hat

An April study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology looked at the risk of second cancers after Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. If you or a loved one were treated between 1973 and 2000, this may be of interest.

BUT . . .

If treatment was recent, such a study may be nearly useless and might impart the wrong information. Newer treatments for NHL have improved remission rates and chances are that new trial drugs will continue to lead to better treatments. Thus studying the past does not have any correlation with how current patients may do.

The mainstream media picked up this study and wrote articles - I'm afraid people may get the wrong information if treated from 2000 on. Remember - if you question something, dig deeper and ask the doctors.

Of course, you might get a second cancer like I did (basil cell carcinoma) - my suggestion: have it removed from your skin, stay out of direct sun and wear sunblock when appropriate :-)

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