The world today seems like a busy place - pressure on us to hurry, get things done, burn the midnight oil, cram, sleep when absolutely necessary. I'm here to tell you that with lymphoma (and afterwards for some) that will change.

Treatments will leave you tired. Your body will need rest to fight the cancer. I'm not saying you'll stay in bed all through treatment - I worked 9 days out of 10 most 2 week periods (1 day for chemo, 1 weekend nauseated). But your friend is the nap. Naps are good. If just for 15-45 minutes, you'll be better off.

And make sure you get a full nights rest too.

Also plan your sleeping areas. Yes, areas, you can have more than one. our bedroom is important - get comfy, maybe put a TV or books or other distractions in there if you are awake but still in bed. You can also make alternate areas - a couch with a pillow & blanket or an armchair. In my case, we set up a bed in the family room as we had extra bedding and I was always welcome to crawl in there & rest and still be with family members.

Plan and rest. Part of getting through this time.

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