Radioimmunotherapy - more promising than the long name

Radioimmunotherapy is the most promising treatment for lymphomas in many, many years. As I wrote earlier, monoclonal antibody breakthroughs allow a targeted approach to attacking cancer cells & leaving most healthy cells alone. Killing off the cancer cells often requires an extra punch. That's where the "radio-" part comes in. Using low dose isotopes of iodine or other elements attached to the antibody, it targets radiation right on top of the cancer cell and any other cancer cells in a very small area.

Gone are high radiation treatments of old which did not discriminate between the healthy & cancer cells. And the targeting is precise so your healthy cells don't have late effects (health problems later in life from treatment, not from the cancer).

If you have Non-Hodgkin's, talk to your doctor about the new immunotherapy treatments like Bexxar as their use is expanding.

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