Preventing Heart Attacks in Lymphoma Patients Treated with Radiation

I have been corresponding with Dr. Mortimer Lacher, author of _the_ book on surviving Hodgkin's, "Hodgkin's Disease: The Consequences of Survival". Today he is a key member of The Lymphoma Foundation in the US. In an important commentary article, Dr. Lacher notes:

"Patients treated for Hodgkin's Disease with radiation therapy to the chest and neck areas have an increased incidence of atherosclerosis in coronary arteries and other major blood vessels as well as damage to the heart valves. This has become an especially important devistating late complication in patients successfully treated for Hodgkin's Disease."

The good news is, he notes, that Statin drugs can prevent and can also reduce already formed cholesterol plaques in the coronary arteries and other arteries as well.

If you've had radiation therapy for lymphoma, you should read this commentary and consider talking to your doctor.

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