Organizing Your Treatment

I am all about anything that makes life easier – so I love the idea of an all-in-one Cancer Medical Organizer for patients and care givers to track and organize there treatment care journey. is the first one I’ve seen, although I imagine you could create one yourself. The benefits are numerous:

•Save critical time in emergencies or when traveling.
•Avoid repetitive, costly testing when doctors don't have access to your records.
•Eliminate the difficulty of remembering important information.
•Review your medical history and records for accuracy.
•Accurate record keeping for filing taxes.
•Knowing that you’re in control gives you peace of mind.

When you talk to your doctor it is so much easier for you when you have your cancer treatment all together in one place. The more complicated your history and your diagnosis, the more difficult it is to keep it all in your head.
By the careful organization of your Cancer treatment records and maintenance of a thorough medical history, you can avoid many drug reaction and drug allergy related problems when you are visiting a new doctor or hospitalized. It’s your health and it’s up to you to keep an accurate record.
Another benefit I had not realized until reviewing the website was that by preserving your medical information for future use. your children will have a comprehensive background medical history to refer to. Also, Medtrakker has partnered will Laugh at Cancer Organization to offer their handy cancer organizer to all members and visitors of Laugh at Cancer website. The creator has agreed to donate 10% of each book sold. .

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