Need a hug for your head?

Free Headwrap or Scarf from L. Erickson USA
If you are a woman or girl experiencing a loss or thinning of hair as a result of illness or treatment, we’ll send you a scarf in the pattern and color of your choosing, on us! Our beautiful It’s a Wraps or Good Wishes Scarves are made from soft and silky, hand-picked breathable fabrics that flatter your face, protect you from sun and cold, and carry with them good wishes wherever you go. To receive a complimentary scarf or headwrap due to chemotherapy and hair loss, contact Laurie Erickson for more information at 888.884.3653.
Good Wishes, an L. Erickson USA® program, provides a scarf or an It’s a Wrap to women and girls experiencing a thinning or loss of hair due to illness or treatment at no cost. Each scarf is a gift of hope that carries with it the support and good wishes of our staff and represents the strength and beauty of the woman or child who wears it. All Good Wishes gifts are made with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements as a special symbol to honor your courage and spirit. L. Erickson USA® and France Luxe® are designer brands of the parent company The Finest Accessories® Inc.
As Laurie explains, “As a CEO of my own company and 20 years of experience in the fashion accessories industry under my belt, one of my most memorable moments came with a simple question asked by a loyal customer, Hillary, who had recently undergone chemotherapy. What did I have for someone who had lost the very thing that I had built much of my business around: Hair. I apologized and told her we did not carry anything of that nature, and then it hit me. Why not offer her something that in my view was arguably even more vibrant and beautiful? For years I had worked with the finest cotton and silk fabrics with the most beautiful and inspiring colors and designs. I offered to send Hillary a scarf at no charge. It was the least I could do for this woman who was just looking for a little something to make her feel pretty and feminine during a difficult time. At our staff meeting later that week, we took a moment for Hillary and we sent our very first scarf along with our good wishes for a quick recovery. It was at that time that the Good Wishes program was born.”
What a beautiful, wonderful idea!

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