Hodgkins Patient Needs Experimental Drug

Amanda Twellman-Dieppa is a 22 year old with NS Hodgkin's Lymphoma, stage 4b. She was diagnosed at 16, went through chemo and radiation and was in remission until she relapsed at 19 years old. She went through a grueling stem cell transplant and received a lifetime amount of radiation and once again went into remission until February 25, 2005. Her website is http://saveamanda.com/

She says: "After finding out that my cancer is back for the third time, my dad and I have been actively seeking a way for me to receive CD30, the most promising treatment for my type of cancer and in my eyes, my only hope. Since my diagnosis months ago, we have been devoting every effort and resource to get me this treatment, but to no avail. The pharmaceutical company, Medarex, produces CD30 and has been developing it over the past few years in clinical trials. It has been amazingly successful and has saved lives, but unfortunately I was diagnosed a few days after the clinical trials were temporarily closed to compile data. Although I could potentially receive CD30 under an emergency use clause, Medarex has refused to release this treatment that could save my life."

Visit her website to find out more or help.

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