Get a Cancer Battle Plan

When people are trying to get pests to leave the house, they make them as uncomfortable as possible – they set traps, remove food sources, spray chemicals - anything to send the message that they aren’t welcome. When police are trying to get bad guys to evacuate a house, they have the same approach. Do everything you can to make the environment inhospitable. No food, no water, no air conditioning, and maybe even a smoke bomb or two.
What does this have to do with cancer?
I’ve been reading “A Cancer Battle Plan: Strategies for Beating Cancer from a Recovered ‘Hopeless Case” by Anne Frahm and I’m fascinated. She talks about cancer, not as a thunderbolt of fate that drops from the sky, but a slowly developing invader looking for a hospitable environment. Her argument is that our typical American diet, exposure to many toxins and typical stress levels weaken our immunity to the invaders.
In it, she quotes Dr. Virginia Livngston-Wheeler, who says, “Cancer is a disease of the immune system. Or more accurately, it is a disease of a weak immune system. Your immunity must drop to very weak levels before cancer cells can grow, and when it drops to an extremely weak and low level, then cancer cells can spread.”
What are doing to make your body less hospitable?

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