Whipple Reflections

There is one common thread that runs through human cancer stories - a renewed appreciation for life and love. Why is it that it too often takes serious questions of health or life to help us remember what really matters? While I wish I had the mental and emotional clarity and balance to live each and every day with the same love and appreciation, I’ll settle for finding the silver lining in life’s scariest moments.

Certainly top on my list of Whipple silver linings is the love and friendship that people have shown me throughout my climb to and passage through the Whipple. I am in humble awe of the people that have surrounded and supported me. I go through life at such mach speed that I do not stop to really appreciate good friends and family as much as I should. I know that my busy life often does not allow me to be the friend that I would like to be to those that I care about. Cheating cancer, just like beating cancer, has a way of rearranging your thoughts, emotions and priorities - for the better.

After this “whippling” experience, I vow to slow down and better appreciate the people in my life. What is the rush to the finish line? Geez, did I have to have the Whipple to come to that realization? Apparently so.

In my convalescing I’ve been forced to slow down. I have had time to read books, have many meaningful conversations, appreciate good humor and really reflect on my life and how lucky I am. I have cheated cancer twice through pure luck, so God’s plan must be for me to hang around a bit longer.

Still, I’m ready for a new activity (other than cheating cancer) to give my life meaning and perspective.

President, 4Women.com

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