Even Alopecians Get Hair

Is it just coincidence, or is the moon in hair growth phase? I’ve noticed that a number of my Alopecian friends on Facebook are experiencing hair regrowth and for the 2nd time in 11 years, I too have hair. Something seems to be in the air.

The first time my hair grew back-in was 3 years ago, after having been bald for around 6 years. I was stunned and didn’t know what to make of it. I sent out messages to Alopecian friends asking if anyone else among them had ever had their hair grow back. I was of course hoping that I was cured. Instead, a number of women, some of them lifelong Alopecians, replied that they had hair regrown multiple times over their years (or decades) as Alopecians, but that it always fell out again. My case was not different. After enjoying hair for over 1 year, the balding spots returned and finally increased to the point that I decided it was time to shave my head again. Alopecians have a saying - “Once an Alopecian, always an Alopecian.” Amazingly, my endocrinologist does not know that.

Last week I was visiting my endocrinologist to have my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels tested as I have been ridiculously tired. Upon seeing me with new hair, my doctor actually proclaimed me cured of Alopecia. I had to explain to him (we’re talking patient to so-called specialist here) that though the hair may come and go, Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that does not go away nor cure itself, that my hair is essentially on borrowed time. Alopecia never allows you to feel completely normal, as I have an annoying bald spot right in the front of my head and my new growth continues to amaze me with it’s texture and color - nothing like I remember from my pre-alopecia days.

So considering how many of us seem to be enjoying hair regrowth at the moment, I’m wondering about our individual experiences. Is this your first time experiencing regrowth? Does the new hair feel anything akin to your old, “normal” hair? How have your friends, family or doctors reacted? How do you feel in your new hair?

Susan Beausang, 4Women.com

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