Lymphoma Survivor chosen as Seattle Cancer Care Alliance advocate

Last year, I posted about Pamela Clark who is a pro surfer and Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor. The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) has chosen Pamela as their cancer advocate. She appears in a full page ad for SCCA in three magazines - Sunset (Nov), Seattle (Sept), Horizon Air (Oct), and Alaska Air (Oct).

The ad starts out with:

Serious surfer
Substance abuse scientist
Dedicated do-gooder
Loving Wife
Hodgkin's Disease survivor

In her line to me, she says the picture, by Kevin Cruff, far from being taken on a sunny day, was actually taken on a very cold day at Ecola State Park (near Cannon Beach, Oregon). The camera is far enough away to hide the goosebumps!

Having gone to Fred Hutchinson in Seattle myself for second opinion with a renouned oncologist, I know they're good.

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