Lymphoma Patient Weds in Hospital Chapel

After learning he had lymphoma, James Burns of Lanarkshire, UK proposed to Grace Campbell. The couple has been together three years and has a one year old son Aaron. She says "As soon as we were told there was a chance James had cancer he turned to me and asked if I’d marry him — it was a complete surprise."

The couple had wanted a large wedding in the Motherwell Civic Centre but doctors told the couple they did not want James to leave the hospital where he had started chemotherapy.

So they decided to get married in the chapel at Wishaw General Hospital. James says "The day was really emotional for me and very tiring. It went better than we expected, but I had to sit for most of the service as even walking down the corridor exhausted me."

"Everyone has been amazing. I can’t praise the staff here highly enough, not only for the treatment but for everything they did to help us organise the wedding — they even decorated the corridors and day room and the kitchen staff made us a cake. We were really touched. The whole hospital was buzzing."

"Up until now, my focus was on the wedding but now I’m concentrating on getting home. This will certainly make a good story to tell the grandchildren."

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