An Extreme Makeover - Website Edition Blessing

If you have a web site that is 12 years old and you haven't had nearly enough time to keep it up and add info, then the bare spots will show. When I was starting the site, web encoding, HTML, was centered around a now almost forgotten browser, Netscape. Screen sizes were 800x600 if you were lucky. Each Christmas break I would put in a mad rush to update the site to get pages into a more modern era but given I have a career with daily responsibilities, I have fallen behind year by year.

I received e-mails from Paul in Australia the other day. He's up to date on current web coding and has generously offered to help bring the site into the 21st century.

With a new layout, I can again focus on getting better and better content. And that benefits everyone.

I could not think of a better holiday gift.

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