Adam Sandler Donates PS3 to Siblings with Cancer

Actor Adam Sandler has sent an extra special Christmas gift for a sister and brother who are struggling with cancer. The 40 year old actor from hit films such as "Happy Gilmore", "The Longest Yard", "50 First Dates" and "Mr. Deeds," sent a PlayStation 3 loaded with games to 15-year-old and 18-year-old Stephanie & Kevin Hudon of Manchester, New Hampshire. Sandler also kindly sent signed DVDs, jerseys and an autographed "Longest Yard" poster.

Stephanie Hudon has bone cancer that recently spread to her lungs. She is scheduled for surgery on January the 8th 2007. Kevin Hudon was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in November and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Also aiming to help the pair, high school senior Nathan Burditt camped out 34 hours last month to buy a PlayStation 3, which he then donated as a prize in a fundraising raffle. His explanation was simple. "I've had my tough times," he said on Tuesday of medical problems that included frequent trips to a Boston hospital as a child and heart surgery last summer.

As part of a wider fund raising project by the school, the $600 video game console donation sent the fundraising project to a new level. A $500 total was hoped to help the Hudon family pay some bills and buy Christmas gifts. Instead, the project raised $21,000 with one group of seventh graders raising $800 alone.

Burditt won his PlayStation 3 back, albeit reluctantly, as many people buying tickets wrote his name on them. Burditt wanted to sell it and donate the money to the Hudons, but the family said no. "They had said I've already done enough. I don't really see it the same way, but I'm not going to go against what they say," he said. (PSU)

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