What's in a Name? Fewer letters for one...

Back in the old days, I was too lame to know I could get a short domain name. Then when I caught a clue, many good ones were taken. I found lymphomainfo.net and lymph.net. You can guess which I kept and which I let lapse (lymph.net is now a cover site for a useless Goggle ads based site - sad).

Well the other day I saw lymphoma.info for sale. I had tried to get it when the .info group was opened but I lost the lottery. Some guy in Canada bought it and never used it. Now he's selling it on a name website listed as "Make Offer". Well, he'll only start bidding at $25,000.00. It made me mad. I told him I'm a blogger, not a pharmaceutical company. No sympathy.

It made me mad enough to be creative. Lots of top level domains - what is .ma? Of course, Morocco.... Well registering a domain there is more expensive than in the US but I thought I'd try. And lympho.ma was born!

So now you can type in your browser lympho.ma instead of thehttp://www.lymphomainfo.net/ -- or to get to this blog lympho.ma/blog -- much shorter.

Do you have an opinion on one domain name or the other - leave a comment, if you like.

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