Urge Your Representatives to Retain Funding for Blood Cancer Education Program

My bias is upfront – I like health care reform. I believe all people should have access to health care.
That being said, I did not realize that the FY 2011 budget proposal includes some serious costs to cancer patients. Two CDC cancer programs were eliminated from the president's budget: the Geraldine Ferraro Blood Cancer Education Program and the Gynecologic Cancer Education and Awareness Program, better known as Johanna's Law.
The blood cancer education program, was funded at $4.7 million in FY 2010. Since its inception in 2004, The Geraldine Ferraro Blood Cancer Education Program - named in honor of the former Congresswoman, vice presidential candidate, and multiple myeloma survivor - has funded nearly $35 million in grants to organizations, including The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), for programs that benefit blood cancer patients. Programs instituted by LLS with this funding include an educational program for patients living with myeloma, a national forum educating oncology nurses on the management and treatment options for older patients living with blood cancer, and programs to reach underserved patients in both urban and rural settings..

Tell your representatives that cancer patients NEED their support . Urge them to retain funding for the Geraldine Ferraro Blood Cancer Education Program now!

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