UK's Lymphoma Association Taps Homeopath

The Lymphoma Association, one of the leading lymphoma organizations in the UK, has appointed Sally Penrose as its new Chief Executive, a controversial choice earning understandable criticism from respected UK-based science bloggers.

What about Penrose is disconcerting? Simple: Her background is not with organizations founded on sound scientific principles—like the Lymphoma Association—but with two large homeopathic organizations:

The first is the British Homeopathy Association (BHA), the purpose of which is to "promote homeopathy practised by doctors and other healthcare professionals." They "strongly believe that homeopathy should be fully integrated into the healthcare system and available as a treatment choice for everyone."

The second is the Faculty of Homeopathy, a product of Parliament which serves as the "professional body for doctors and other healthcare professionals who have qualified in homeopathy and incorporate it into their everyday practice."

The suggestion by the BHA that it isn't a treatment choice is nonsense—information about homeopathic remedies is available all over the internet. Why should doctors be asked to integrate it into their practices if they don't think it's an effective treatment modality?

Homeopathy lacks the kind of rigorous research mentality that informs the scientific community, and tends to be no better than a placebo, making Penrose a dubious choice whose leadership has the potential to subvert the credibility of the organization.

Addendum: the BHA lists 'conditions with positive evidence', medical conditions which they claim homeopathy has proven to be an effective treatment. Not a single mention of cancer on that list, much less any mention of lymphomas.

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