"Time on Fire" Tough, but Important Book

Granted, it did come out over a decade ago and I found it in a used bookstore, but Evan Handler's leukemia memior, "Time on Fire" was incredible.

People who are way cooler than me know him as an actor best known as Harry Goldenblatt from HBO's Sex and the City. Handler currently co-stars in Showtime's hit series Californication co-starring David Duchovny. His past acting credits include Lost, The West Wing, Ransom, and Taps.

The memoir is hard to read, as it laced with anger, though punctuated by humor (hospital-sex anyone?) and fueled by his indomitable will to survive. He provides clear portraits of an often uncaring (yet sometimes deeply loving) medical world and the ugly procedures he must undergo to live.

I recommend this highly for someone who loves someone undergoing treatment for cancer, as it presents the whirlwind of emotions in an powerful way.

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