A bit off the beaten path today. . . "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" or TANSTAAFL is a phrase that's been around maybe a century but popularized by author Robert Heinlein first in his novel The Moon is a Harsh Mistress in 1966. If you "grok" (think about) it a bit, it can present an important life lesson...

We've already been kicked in the teeth with the news of our diagnosis. It would not be a problem if you could take a simple pill to make it disappear. But TANSTAAFL - we can't and treatment most often involves a hard journey. And once we complete that journey, no one can take away the courage and hard work that we have won. No one waved a wand and made it disappear, we work(ed) hard through treatment.

The next time someone says "oh, you only had lymphoma, not a tough cancer" - shout TANSTAFFL and look at them like they're from another planet. Cancer is the big leagues, no matter what it is. And we're in this to win.

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