Talking about Lymphoma at Work

Talking about lymphoma can be difficult and you may not want to tell your colleagues in order to keep one area of your life normal. This is a good coping strategy for some people. Sometimes, however, the effects of cancer treatment e.g. your hair falling out and the need to take time off, may make it impossible not to tell your colleagues.

By letting others know, they will be able to offer you support and will understand if your behavior is a little out of character. Ask your employer for a private meeting and then if you wish, you can ask for the details to be kept confidential so you can choose who to tell and when.

Verve, a magazine devoted to those living with lymphatic cancer, shares these suggestions. Everyone’s experience is different – your fatigue may be very mild and does not interfere with their work, whereas others find it very disruptive and struggle to complete everyday tasks. If you find fatigue is a problem, your employer may be able to help you by:

Changing your duties

Setting realistic deadlines that you can manage

Asking colleagues to support you by helping with some of your work

Finding you a lighter workload if your job involves physical exertion or heavy lifting

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