Survivor Winner Ethan Zohn Out of Remission

Ethan Zohn, the 2002 winner of Survivor: Africa, was diagnosed in May with stage II CD-20 positive Hodgkin's lymphoma, a rare, but treatable, form of the blood cancer. The soccer commentator, motivational speaker, and co-founder of the charity, Grassroot Soccer,

In late August, after giving the Survivor: Africa winner three months of intense chemotherapy, Zohn’s doctors discovered that the Hodgkin’s lymphoma Zohn had been fighting since spring had spread. "I have never been so scared in my life, for my life," the 35 year-old soccer commentator told PEOPLE Magazine in an exclusive interview.

He began new rounds of chemo in September, and underwent weeks of radiation therapy before his stem cell harvest two weeks ago. The stem-cell transplant will require a hospital stay of a full month, as doctors attempt to re-build Zohn’s red and white blood cell count from scratch – and render him cancer-free. To follow his story, check out his website at To see his video diaries at, go to:,,20314739,00.html

His girlfriend, fellow Survivor alumni Jenna Morasca, has been chronicling her own thoughts about cancer as well. Most recently, she posted a break-up letter to cancer, saying, “In fact I am hoping by taking you out of my life and filling that spot with positive things that it may actually kill you. Gosh I can’t believe I am saying that I want you to die, BUT I DO! There I said it. I got it out of my system and into the universe. I do believe in karma and you will get yours. But it won’t be from me because I will be to busy living a happy joyous life to even think about revenge.

That’s all I need to say to you. Its over, goodbye, and see you NEVER AGAIN! Do not try and come back into my life because I will not change my mind. Its over.”

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