Survivor: Africa Star Zohn Reports Good News

Ethan Zohn, the oh-so-cute reality star, has been public about his battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma during the past nine months. He had a rough beginning – the early rounds of radiation and chemo failed to put him in remission, so he decided to follow it up with a high-dose radiation treatment and a stem-cell transplant.

Now that his five weeks of radiation therapy is completed, doctors did a PET scan test to see how he responded, and the news is the best they could hope for - no active cancer cells in his body! Finally – a remission for the formerly curly-haired hearththrob.

In a People interview, he said, “"If I walked in off the street today, they would think I'm cancer free. This is the best possible news I could have gotten at this stage of my journey," he said.

"I honestly believe that all the positive healing vibes everyone has been sending me these past nine months have helped, so thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart."
The stem cell transplant is still being planned in the next two weeks. The process is grueling and will keep him isolated for a month.

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