Study Shows Carrots Help Prevent Cancer

A compound in carrots may be a potent cancer fighter, reducing malignancies in rats by a third, a European study claims. "One of the natural pesticides in carrots is responsible for the cancer-preventing effect of carrots," said researcher Kirsten Brandt, a senior lecturer at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, in England. "We now have identified a compound which seems to have an effect that can explain this benefit." Falcarinol, a compound that protects the vegetable from fungal diseases, may be the prime reason carrots are so unfriendly to cancers. One previous study had suggested that might be the case, but results were inconclusive.

Nutrition experts have long recommended that people eat carrots because of their apparent ability to prevent cancer (and help our eyesight too) Until now the particular compound that prevents cancer was unknown. Epidemiological studies have shown that individuals with the highest carrot consumption can lower their risk of cancer by up to 40 percent.

Now they did study this in rats with a type of colorectal cancer. If you contemplate eating more carrots in your diet, please mention it to your doctors to see what they say.

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