Snake Oil Watch: Native Essence Herb Company

Recently, the US Federal Trade Commission brought complaints against claims made by the Native Essence Herb Company, namely that some of their products were effective in treating or curing cancer.

If such a company doesn't agree with the FTC, they are welcome to challenge the agency in court. Unfortunately for most companies, the requirement that they provide competent and reliable scientific evidence that substantiate the health claims they make is simply too great a burden to overcome.

On May 7, 2009 the FTC reached a settlement with Native Essence Herb Company regarding "deceptive and false claims that [their] products are effective for treating and curing a variety of cancers, eliminating or shrinking tumors, and for preventing breast cancer." According to the settlement, Native Essence Herb Company has agreed to stop making unsubstantiated claims that any of the following products A) are effective in the treatment or cure of cancer; B) can lower the risk of cancer; C) are effective in reducing the size of, or eliminating, cancerous tumors, D) are safe or non-toxic or have no side effects.

  • Native Essense (Rene Caisse) Formula tea or extract
  • Native Essense Plus tea or extract
  • Native Essense with Cat’s Claw tea or extract
  • Chaparral herb (or any product containing chaparral herb)
  • Maitake mushroom extract
  • Mai-T Mushroom Plus Formula extract

These products are still on the market for those who want to take them. The only difference is that Native Essence Herb Company can't continue to lie about them in order to boost their sales.

[Index to Docket No.9328]

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